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Backwards Makeup Tricks That Really Work

While there’s no real wrong way to apply makeup (have fun! It comes off!), every makeup artist has his or her own method for creating the ultimate effect. Ask five pros whether they apply concealer or foundation first, and you’re bound to get five different answers. Today, we share 5 common backward tips that most makeup artists does. Prepare to be amazed.

Apply mascara first.

—and last. After you’ve primed your skin, apply a coat of mascara to open your eyes, create that important definition, and map the rest of your makeup look. Once you’ve finished your eye makeup, then apply a second coat of mascara. When you’re completely finished, do one final assessment to see if you need another coat for a finishing touch.

Line your lips after applying lipstick.

When it comes to lipstick, we always advise lining the lips last to help contain the color and perfect the shape of the lips without creating a harsh, unnatural line.

Fill in brows from the outside in.

When filling in the brows, we recommend working from the outside in to create the most natural shape. Brows typically need more definition on the ends so by using this method you’re applying stronger color where you really need it. When you’re finished working your way in, brush the brows back into place for a natural finish.

Use concealer before foundation.

Before applying your base, use concealer to cover any areas of discoloration (e.g. under the eyes, around the nose and mouth, and any blemishes). Then apply foundation only where you really need it and blend it out to nothing for the most natural look.

Line your eyes starting at the outer corner.

To create the perfect angle for your eyeliner, line the outer corner of the lower lash line first and extend slightly beyond the corner of the eye. Then come back in toward the upper lash line. Using this line as your guide will give you a beautiful line that enhances the natural shape of your eyes.

Makeup Tricks to Slim Your Face

If you’ve ever seen celebrities looking completely unrecognizable without a full face of makeup, then you know exactly how transformative certain techniques can be. Armed with these same makeup artist tricks and tips, these eight easy makeup tricks can take 10 pounds off your look, instantly. We’ll show you how to slim your face, enhance your favorite features, and play with proportion—all with makeup. Optical illusions, indeed.

1. Just like in art (and life!), dark makeup shades recede, while lighter colors bring features forward. Use this concept to your advantage by investing in a contour color or matte bronzer one or two shades deeper than your skin tone and a luminous highlighter that’s a bit lighter than your complexion. Feel free to use either cream or powder textures as you wish, or even a combination of the two. Regardless of which formula you choose, be sure to use a makeup brush to blend—streaky contour makeup is a major don’t.

2. Create the illusion of slimmer cheeks by applying your contour shade in a diagonal line from the center of your cheek up toward the ear. Make a slight “fish face” (you know, the pucker) while you do this with your brush to figure out the perfect placement, and don’t forget to blend. The higher you place your contour shade, the sharper your cheekbones will look. Finish off by swiping highlighter across the tops of the cheekbones to really bring out the contour.

3. To fake a thinner nose, swipe a contour powder down the sides of the bridge, stopping before you get to the nostrils. Blend highlighter down the bridge of your nose in a vertical line to complete the effect.

4. Apply bronzer along your jawline to define the area, and blend the shade to create a seamless contour. You’ll never have a double chin in a photo again.

5. Full lips can emphasize roundness on the face, but eyes made to look large with makeup will make the rest of the face appear smaller in comparison, so try playing up your eyes with liner, shadow, and mascara while leaving lips natural with a tinted balm or gloss.

6. Choose the right eyebrow shape. A higher, more pronounced arch helps balance out a round face by vertically stretching its appearance, drawing the eye upward.

7. Playing with light to bring the center of your face forward will help downplay the width of your face for a slimmer look. Start by highlighting the center of your face, then b highlighter between your brows, on the bridge of the nose, on the Cupid’s bow above your upper lip, and in the center of your chin.

8. Don’t forget your forehead—blend your contour shade upward into your temples and around the hairline to emphasize the angular qualities of your bone structure.

Get Rid of Clogged Pores with These 9 Tricks

A very small percent of the population is naturally blessed with perfect skin—but the rest of us are doomed to wander the earth trying to figure out how to get rid of clogged pores (a.k.a. blackheads) and closed comedones (a.k.a. those flesh-looking bumps that never really come to a head).

Whether from inflammation in the skin due to an excess of white blood cells, stress, or too much oil, clogged pores are pretty much inevitable. We’ve sought out some relief in the form of at-home remedies, products, and tips—so that the small problem of clogged pores doesn’t turn into a bigger problem (like acne).

1. Find a Mask with Active Charcoal Ingredients

A paraben-free option is always a plus. Origins’ Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask contains activated charcoal that is used to remove anything under or on top of the skin contributing to clogged pores. You can use this mask once every week or every day but either way you choose, your pores will be sure to thank you.

2. Pick up Some Parsley and Thyme

As a natural astringent, parsley pulls toxins straight out of your skin and assists in removing anything causing grief and contributing to clogged pores. Immerse the parsley in a large bowl of boiling water, and allow it to soak and cool. Once done, dip a wash cloth in the bowl, and apply to your face. Oil be gone, and pores be unclogged! Your other option is thyme. Use 3-4 tablespoons and 1.5 cups of hot water combined together, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Filter the mixture, and use it as a cleanser whenever needed.

3. Use Powder Foundation Instead of Liquids

Because some clogged pores are due to oily skin, it can help to go easier on the liquid foundation. Tinted moisturizer, BB and CC creams are all great options also, because of their lighter formulas. If you’re feeling like wearing no foundation, try just a powder; less is more when you’re trying to clear out oily skin and unclog pores.

4. Try an At-Home Peel or Gel

Different from a cream or mask, a gel will cool the skin and take away the stress. Since the name of the game is picking up dead skin and unclogging pores for a more radiant glow, this lifts any contaminants and leaves you well on your way to the skin you’ve always wanted. With natural ingredients like pineapple and pomegranate, you may or may not be surprised to know that this product also boasts a paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free formula.

5. Use Products with Grapeseed Oil

While grapeseed oil has many amazing uses in the hair, on the skin for anti-aging, medicinally, and for acne prevention and treatment, using it as a tool to unclog pores is also a step in the right direction. Benefits from the oil include vitamin E and linoleic acid, allowing the oil to naturally act as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

6. Remove Your Makeup and Cleanse Your Face Daily

This may be a given, but the results make a huge difference. Build up of makeup on your skin is not cute as your pores will quickly clog, causing your face to become irritated fast. Get into the habit of washing your face with a cleanser that suits you in the morning and at night, using a deep cleanser to really see the effects.

7. Use Beauty Products That Suit Your Skin Type

While it’s easy to just go and pick up a product that will put a bandage over the huge problem that we call clogged pores, remedying the issues from the ground up is a better plan of action. If you find that your skin care products are just not doing the job, find out what type of skin you have and refresh your beauty cabinet. This goes for skincare and makeup items, as everything you put on your skin effects its quality and appearance day in and day out.

8. Steam Your Pores

Steaming your skin and pores on your face is a great way to open them up again. Fill a bowl with boiling water, and angle your face over the bowl to allow the steam to rise up over your skin. After steaming, pat it dry and take a second to relax. Use a toner or witch hazel to cleanse and even the skin while dually eliminating bacteria. Then, moisturize when you’re done. To intensify the steam, add some essential oils. Bonus: This is a great way to de-stress, too!

9. Exfoliate

Exfoliating the face with a small brush is important to lift impurities and dry skin cells. Combined with cleansing, moisturizing masks and treatments, exfoliating is the ultimate way to improve your skin’s clogged pore problem and overall condition.

A Grandma Accidentally Texted A Teen About Her Thanksgiving Plans And He’s Now Invited

This is 17-year-old Jamal Hinton, who lives in Phoenix. He told BuzzFeed News he recently and unexpectedly made a new “friend” over text.

This is 17-year-old Jamal Hinton, who lives in Phoenix. He told BuzzFeed News he recently and unexpectedly made a new "friend" over text.

Jamal Hinton

On Tuesday, he somehow got looped into a group text from an unknown number detailing Thanksgiving dinner plans that included family members “Amanda” and “Justin.” Hinton was confused and asked who these people were. The texter identified herself as “your grandma.”

On Tuesday, he somehow got looped into a group text from an unknown number detailing Thanksgiving dinner plans that included family members "Amanda" and "Justin." Hinton was confused and asked who these people were. The texter identified herself as "your grandma."

Jamal Hinton

Hinton told BuzzFeed News he thought it was hisgrandmother texting him, but to verify, he asked for a photo.

Hinton told BuzzFeed News he thought it was his grandmother texting him, but to verify, he asked for a photo.

Jamal Hinton

“I really thought it was my grandma so I had to ask for a picture to make sure,” he explained.

Turns out: not his grandmother.

Turns out: not his grandmother.

Jamal Hinton

Hinton then laughed, and responded with his own selfie letting her know she’d reached the wrong grandson. But he asked if he could still have a seat at the table on Thanksgiving. Your Grandma said, “Of course you can.”

Hinton then laughed, and responded with his own selfie letting her know she'd reached the wrong grandson. But he asked if he could still have a seat at the table on Thanksgiving. Your Grandma said, "Of course you can."

Jamal Hinton

“That’s what grandmas do,” she added.

Hinton said that if the invitation still holds, he’d be delighted to join the family for Thanksgiving.

“If I was invited to their Thanksgiving for real, yes, I would go,” he said.

“I would consider us as friends!” Hinton added, even though at the time they had not yet exchanged first names.

He shared the exchange on Twitter, where people have fallen in love with the random and hilarious exchange.

He shared the exchange on Twitter, where people have fallen in love with the random and hilarious exchange.

People are really rooting for this Thanksgiving dinner to go down.

People are really rooting for this Thanksgiving dinner to go down.

And are really feeling the sentiment that grandmas “feed every one.”

And are really feeling the sentiment that grandmas "feed every one."

BuzzFeed News has learned “Amanda” is the girlfriend to the actual grandson, named Brandon. They asked not to include their last names. And Your Grandma? Her name is Wanda. They all live in Mesa, Arizona.

BuzzFeed News has learned "Amanda" is the girlfriend to the actual grandson, named Brandon. They asked not to include their last names. And Your Grandma? Her name is Wanda. They all live in Mesa, Arizona.

Amanda said she and her boyfriend found the whole mix-up “hysterical.”

“[Brandon’s] family is pretty amazing, even if it’s your first time meeting them,” she said. “They adopt you into the family immediately.”

The “Justin” Grandma Wanda mentioned is Brandon’s younger brother’s boyfriend.

Amanda says they’re texting Hinton “right now” to coordinate real, potential plans. “Hey, another plate on Thanksgiving is always great,” Hinton said.

Amanda says they're texting Hinton "right now" to coordinate real, potential plans. "Hey, another plate on Thanksgiving is always great," Hinton said.

Jamal Hinton

“My boyfriend is talking to Jamal right now about Thanksgiving,” Amanda said, adding that they’re just waiting on Grandma to respond to finalize plans.

Oh, and she also informed us that Grandma Wanda had to change her number because she was being sent NSFW-type texts from strangers. C’mon guys. It’s Thanksgiving.

18 Bizarre Sex Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice About Having Sex Again

1. The alternative form of protection.

“I was fooling around with a guy, but we didn’t have a condom. I suggested he put the bed sheet between us and dry hump, because it would still give us stimulation. I don’t know where he learned about dry humping, because to him it meant wrapping his penis in the sheet and inserting it.”


2. The white puddle.

“My boyfriend and I had just had sex. We didn’t use a condom because I have the implant and we’ve both been tested. I went to the bathroom and had an unexpectedly violent sneeze. His cum came shooting out and landed in a nice puddle on the bath mat.”


3. The naming ceremony.

“My ex went down on me for the first time and saw a mole I have on my bikini line. He poked it and said, ‘Aww, what should we name him?’”



4. The myth of the kraken.

“Me and my (now ex) boyfriend were fooling around in bed. I thought it was going to lead to sex, but instead he grabbed my labia and started opening and closing it while saying, ‘Release the kraken!’”


5. The over-excited butt grabber.

“My boyfriend and I were having sex. He decided he wanted me to sit on his face. He grabbed my butt to pull me closer but misjudged how small I am and catapulted my face into the wall. It broke my glasses, cut my cheek, and gave me a black eye. We’re still together and my face has healed nicely.”


6. The after-work nap.

“My husband came home after a long day at work and we had amazing sex. I noticed him slow down after a while and then he just stopped completely. Turns out he fell asleep still holding my tits and squeezing them in his sleep.”



7. The dedicated lover.

“I had the Mortal Kombat ringtone on my phone. As me and my ex boyfriend were doing the deed, my phone rang. He stopped, looked at my phone, then at me, and said, ‘Finish her!’ and kept going. Greatest/funniest thing ever.”


8. The face-sitting.

“My boyfriend and I had just started having sex and he told me to sit on his face. I did and it was amazing until he told me to lean back. I queefed RIGHT ON HIS FACE and then shot back up and queefed again. We don’t talk about it to this day.”


9. The surprise threesome.

“Me and my ex boyfriend were having sex on the living room floor, when midway through the dog jumped on top of us and starting humping my boyfriend’s leg.”



10. The violent sneeze.

“My boyfriend and I were having sex doggy style in the shower when I felt a big sneeze coming on. The force of the sneeze literally squeezed him out of my vagina, he lost his balance, and fell over.”


11. The 10,000th step.

“I used to have the step counter activated on my phone and it made a victory ring when I hit 10,000 steps. One night my phone was lying on the bed while my fiancé and I were having sex and just as he came the notification sound went off. The most perfect timing ever.”


12. The raspberry.

“I invited a guy over who had bragged about how good he was at going down on a girl. Once he got to my place and things started heating up, he went down on me and the ‘fantastic’ move that made him ‘so good’ was to blow a raspberry on my vagina.”



13. The porn star pubes.

“The guy I was having sex with had no pubes but that didn’t put me off. However, afterwards he took me to his bathroom, showed me his collection of hair removal cream, and told me that he would always have the ‘pubic area of a porn star’. Cool story Bro, goodbye forever.”


14. The not-so-sexy cramp.

“I got a cramp in my leg so we had to stop. The cramp hurt so bad I started walking around his room naked and crying. After about 10 minutes of this, I tried to be sexy again but he couldn’t get hard after that.”


15. The drunken encounter.

“I once brought a guy back to mine after a night out. We were both drunk AF and started getting down, when suddenly he stopped.
Him: ‘I know you’re thinking about her!’
Me: [puzzled] ‘Who?!’
Him: ‘Effy!’
Me: [more puzzled] ‘Effy who?!’
Him: ‘Effy from Skins, you have a poster of her.’
Me: ‘No, I don’t!!’
Anyway, we start up again, and about ten minutes later he stops me and says, ‘Sorry, I’m just far too interested in international politics’, and goes to sleep.”



16. The first time.

“My ex and I were having sex for the first time. Everything was going good, but after three minutes, he pulls out and starts masturbating instead for a solid 3-4 minutes. After he was done, he said he saw it in porn once.”


17. The bedtime story.

“A long time ago with an ex, I got bored during sex and read a book over his shoulder. My bad.”


18. The strap on.

“An ex of mine (a straight yet adventurous male) enjoyed having a strap on used on him. One night, while he was face down, ass up, taking the strap on, he turns back to me and says, ‘I’m shitting all over the bed, aren’t I?’”

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24 Times Parents Were A Goddamn Gift To The Internet

1. When this dad was proud of his creation.

When this dad was proud of his creation.

2. When this parent didn’t hold back.

When this parent didn't hold back.

3. When this dad received a new phone case.

When this dad received a new phone case.

4. When this dad didn’t get the memo.

When this dad didn't get the memo.

5. When this mum didn’t look close enough.

When this mum didn't look close enough.

6. When this dad reached peak dad.

When this dad reached peak dad.

7. When this mum destroyed her son’s sex life.

When this mum destroyed her son's sex life.

8. When this dad couldn’t help but mock his daughter.

When this dad couldn't help but mock his daughter.

9. When this mother worshiped the wrong god.

When this mother worshiped the wrong god.

10. When this mum got extra cheeky at Nando’s.

When this mum got extra cheeky at Nando's.

11. When this dad found Facebook.

When this dad found Facebook.

12. When these parents didn’t notice a change in their DVD collection.

When these parents didn't notice a change in their DVD collection.

13. When this dad failed at YouTube.

When this dad failed at YouTube.

14. When these parents’ love shone through on Snapchat.

When these parents' love shone through on Snapchat.

15. When this dad replied to his daughter.

When this dad replied to his daughter.

16. When a daughter discovered a list by her dad.

When a daughter discovered a list by her dad.

17. When this mother went all fancy with the mouthwash.

When this mother went all fancy with the mouthwash.

18. When this mum marked the end of her friendships.

When this mum marked the end of her friendships.

19. When this mum misunderstood the message.

When this mum misunderstood the message.

20. When this daughter made a discovery.

When this daughter made a discovery.

21. When this mother got drunk.

When this mother got drunk.

22. When this mum didn’t get what she expected.

When this mum didn't get what she expected.

23. When this stepmum left a message.

When this stepmum left a message.

24. And when this dad was just really proud.

And when this dad was just really proud.

Top 10 Car Buying Secrets Dealerships Don’t Want You To Know


No one likes feeling ripped off. And while not every car salesperson is trying to pull one over on you, plenty of unscrupulous sellers will. Buying a car is often one of the biggest purchases for a household. By following these well-kept car buying secrets, you can avoid the regret so many car buyers feel after they’ve already bought the wrong car at the wrong price.

1. They Don’t Want You to Know Your Credit Score

Some dealers rely on the fact that too many consumers are unaware of their own credit histories and scores. The truly unsavory types will even misrepresent your score in order to lock you in at a higher interest rate through their financing department. When you arrive with your credit score in hand, you remove this tool from their arsenal. You are entitled to one free credit report each year. If you have already obtained a free report, spend the $20 on a recent one. You will want to study this and be sure you have cleared up any mistakes or old accounts before you seek financing on a new car. You may even want to discuss loan options from your personal bank or lender. Using the interest rates they offer, you can often negotiate a better deal with the seller.

2. There Are Hidden Treasures Online

Save a little room in your binder for coupons and promotions. Most dealers these days have printable promotions all over their websites. Find as many as you can, and bring them with you to demand credit for them. This secret may not save you thousands, but it will knock a few hundred bucks off the selling price. That’s a car payment, and, when used along with the other car buying secrets listed here, it will help your savings add up fast.

3. The Longer You Wait, the More You Could Lose

The last time you bought a car, you were probably unaware of these secrets to car buying. The sales rep had you warming the chair during the back and forth to the manager’s office a dozen times, leaving you to wonder about the deal. The sales rep was probably getting an earful from the manager about the price you were offering.

Don’t let the manager bully your rep into keeping firm on the price. Let the rep know you aren’t playing games. If the manager won’t accept your price after a few visits, threaten to walk on the deal. They’ve already invested half of their day on your sale. They’re not going to let you leave without a car at this point.

4. All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Do your car shopping on the very last day of the month. Most sales reps are eager to seal a deal at this point in their commission schedule. The vast majority of car salespeople work on quotas. The more they sell by the end of the month, the more they stand to make on commission. But they’ll never make that 30 percent mark on the total of their sales that month unless they make the quota. Your car purchase, if timed correctly, could mean the difference between an average month and an incredible month for them. They may offer you incredible incentives just so they can meet that magic number.

5. You’re Actually in Charge Here

Nothing unsettles a sales shark like a confident, informed consumer. The only time car dealers’ games and gimmicks work is when you are not prepared. If you walk into the showroom projecting the attitude that you can buy and sell the entire place, you will remind them you are no easy mark. This is the attitude to adopt. They’re not selling you a car: you’re selling them your business.

6. You Can Share Salesperson Incentives (If You’re Crafty)

Ask what your rep stands to gain from your purchase of a specific car or truck. If the rep shares the secrets, you have a chance to share the spoils. Many times carmakers put incentives on their dealerships to sell more of a certain model. Dealerships themselves often run contests for their sales force in order to foster competition among their staff. If you can weasel these perks from your sales rep, chances are the sales rep will even split them with you, if only you buy that car today. They’ll happily forgo that $200 bonus from Ford if your sale means more commission for them.

7. You’ll Be Rewarded for Research

You wouldn’t buy a house without careful research and planning, and neither should you buy a car without doing your homework. As car payments often come in a close second to mortgage or rent payments, any decision you make can significantly impact your monthly budget. Find out what kinds of cars meet your needs and budget, and compare makes and models from a variety of manufacturers. Also, be sure to price the vehicles that have caught your eye. When you go to the dealer with a binder full of research, pricing information and offers from their competitors, you’re already ahead of the

8. You Can Drive Your Final Sale Price with the Right Passenger

These days, many car sales reps fail to tag along during the test drive. Sometimes their confidence gets the best of them, and they think they can sell you the car without actually stepping foot into the vehicle with you. Ask them to come along if they don’t offer to do so initially. Then ask for an extended test drive. This is when you start to win the game of attrition. Wear them out.

During the test drive, recite a well-practiced list of relentless questions. Don’t let them take control of the conversation. Car dealers are adept at keeping this part of the process emotional. “Can you just feel the torque? Wow! This baby purrs like a kitten!” They’ll try to bombard you with all of the great ways this car can make you feel. Don’t let them get a word in edgewise unless it is to answer your storm of questions. Keep it about the car not how you feel behind the wheel. “What is the gas mileage again? Is this the emergency break? What is the resale value?” By the time you head back to the dealership, they’ll want to cave to your every demand just to get you out of there.

negotiation game.

9. The Finance Officer Is a Secret Sales Person

If you’ve followed these car buying secrets, you’ve already saved thousands of dollars. Once you’re in the finance manager’s office, however, get ready to feel the pressure. They’ll attempt to convince you to buy extended warranties and all sorts of added “protections,” such as car alarms and other add-ons. Be sure to have them explain any warranty package in detail. Have any agreement documented and signed by a manager, not just your sales rep. Managers tend to stick around much longer than reps and you don’t want your deal “lost” after your rep found more honest work.

10. It’s Not Over Until You Leave

Once the ink on the purchase agreement is dry, many folks simply drive off in their new car. At this point, you’re far better off than most, but you can still squeak a few more perks out of the deal. Ask for a tour of the service department. Ask to meet the manager. Then, after a friendly greeting, ask about any oil change or regular maintenance promotions that they may have going on at the time. You may just get a free service coupon.

Next, make sure the tank is full. If not, ask for a gas voucher. Dealers sell all new cars with a full tank of gas, but, sometimes, sales reps will neglect to fill up after test drives or use the gas voucher themselves.

Finally, inspect your new car thoroughly. Check the exterior for any chips or scratches, and be sure to point them out to your rep. Inspect the interior for any rips on the seats or scuffs to the dashboard. Document any minor imperfections, and be sure to have the seller document them and schedule a time for FREE repairs.

Congratulations on your new car purchase! You’ve just saved yourself thousands of dollars and years of regret. But don’t tell your dealer we shared their car buying secrets!

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