12 Viral Products Everyone Wants To Have In 2018

Even though you might not always be aware of tech trends, you can tell that these 12 products are certainly going viral. They are already topping best seller lists and blowing up your Instagram and Facebook feeds. The reason is simple: they ooze innovation, functionality, and creative genius!

These 12 things are going to be absolutely everywhere, which is not a surprise because they’re making our lives so much easier!

But what’s even more important: these products are absurdly cheap right now. The companies that produce them are selling their market hits at insane discounts. These companies aren’t stupid and do it for a reason. They simply try to create buzz and make more and more people use their new innovations.

So, get advantage of this loophole! Not only can you check out here what makes these 5 products so cutting-edge, you also can click the links provided below if you want to order them. Without having to pick up the phone or even leaving your house. Make sure to get at least one of these items now at a lower price before greedy corporations will smell profit and flood the market with more expensive rip-offs!

1. Stealth Smartcam

Do you need to know that your home has its own private eye, but home security systems are too expensive? Stealth Smartcam is a mini-camera that no-one will ever notice, because it looks like a phone charger! This “spy” device perfectly blends into any room environment, leaving no chance for anything to happen in your house behind your back. It can record 1080P HD video with sound, so no detail will be left unnoticed!

It has no indication that it doubles as a hidden camera. With no batteries or additional software required, this is the easiest and most discrete home security camera you will ever own. To watch recorded video footage simply connect your SmartCam to your Mac or PC with the supplied USB cable. Its functional phone charger design means you can still charge your phone while recording.

2. 9H Car Coating

If you want your car to always look astonishing, you’ll face a grim reality. Anything and everything is constantly attacking your car’s surface. Mud, dust, dirty rain, water spots, unsightly brake dust, grime start sticking to your car almost immediately after cleaning it. Automatic car washes scratch your paint, while the chemicals used are terrible for the surface. Not to mention daily life scratches from kids, shopping carts, bikes, and scooters. Stop panicking! 9H car coating is racing to rescue!

9H acts as a strong protective layer above the paintwork. With the power of nanotechnology, the invisible coating protects your car from all environmental contaminants. Just a thin layer of 9H forms an extremely hard shell on the car’s surface that makes it easy for you to clean your car without worrying about scratches. What’s even better is that it also creates a beautiful shine on your car exterior!

3. Fast Coolair – USB Mini AC

Air conditioning is a great weapon against heatwave. However, another problem arises. Who on earth will pay those bills on electricity? Having an air conditioner on all day can cost a ton of money, while a fan takes up too much space. Fast Coolair solves this problem brilliantly.

Fast Coolair is a portable, more efficient, and effective alternative to air conditioning, as well as a more powerful replacement of a fan that takes up less space. No more sky-high electricity costs! You can cool down your home with a device that looks like a tiny fan and consumes energy correspondingly.

Fast Coolair is designed to blow cold air straight on you. You can even have it plugged into your computer’s USB port. It’s equipped with an anti-dust filter and a water tank you need to fill once a day. That’s why besides cooling down your room, this device also purifies and humidifies air in it. It is truly the perfect 3-in-1 solution to cool down, purify, and humidify air around you that reduces your costs on electricity.

4. Highway Warrior

Highway Warrior is the Swiss Army knife of all flashlights! Besides the actual powerful LED flashlight, the 9-in-1 tool is equipped with a belt/rope cutter, a glass breaker, a hammer, a strobe/ worklight/emergency light, a compass, a magnet, a power bank, and a solar panel.

So in fact, it not only provides a flashlight for emergency purposes, but also a flashing red light, a strobe light, and even an SOS beacon. It is solar powered, has a compass, and a USB charging port. It’s got literally everything you’ll need in an emergency situation!

Any driver should have this multi-functional tool in a car instead of a dozen of instruments that serve only one function. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use it, but it can be a lifesaver if you get into a car accident or any emergency situation!

5. Sonic Guardian

Everyone has a right to be safe. But safety should be never taken for granted. Sometimes, horrible things happen even in the safest streets and houses. Safety is achieved by providing people with tools to help in case of an emergency. Sonic Guardian is one of the smartest safety tools available to everyone. With over 130 decibels of sound, Sonic Guardian can be heard up to 100 feet away! It is also equipped with an LED light if you need to see in the dark.

An assailant’s biggest advantage is an element of surprise. Sonic Guardian allows you to attack the assailant’s brain through his or her ears with a 130 decibel sound hammer! Sonic Guardian looks like a regular key chain, so no-one will pay attention. You can attach it to your purse or backpack and carry it everywhere you go. Sonic Guardian is particularly suitable for teenagers, parents, night owls, delivery route employees, business owners, and college students.

6. Safety Flare

The BRITE Safety flare is probably something everyone should have with them. The Safety Flare offers the highest level of roadside safety for on-the-road or child-at-play situations and more! It can be used as a road flare, emergency beacon, marine applications, camping and outdoors. Perfect for emergency use, camping/outdoors, road flares, marine applications, etc. Plus it is shatterproof, rainproof (IP55) and it can float so you can take it anywhere. 10 different lighting modes include spotlight (6 hours), double blink (9 hours), double pulse (9 hours), single blink (38 hours), rotate (9 hours), SOS rescue morse code (15 hours), alternate (9 hours), solid on high (5 hours), solid on low (28 hours) and 2 flashlight (9 hours).

Easy to use: Just press the button and hold to turn on and cycle through the different lighting options. The super bright array can be seen up to 1 mile at night and can also provide additional protection during the day as well. The strong magnetic backing allows the Halo to adhere to your vehicles hood and other metal surfaces. Not only that, but this can be used in places such as forests where regular safety flares might be dangerous to use.

7. Magic Compression Socks

An essential for anyone with sore feet comes Doc Socks. Foot pain, no matter how much or how little it hurts, it sets a precedent for underlying health issues to come. You would think that compression gear was for the elderly or just for athletes. This is no longer the case. In fact, millions of Americans have experienced foot pain related to the arch, heel, ankle, or plantar fascia.

These episodes, no matter how short or how long, determine chronic issues later with varicose veins making an appearance. The wonderful team over at Doc Socks have come up with a fantastic pair of compression sock sleeves. Their new socks dramatically reduces swelling and pain in the heels. It soothes achy tired feet and helps with the circulation of blood flow so that your feet are getting enough oxygen.

8. Night Vizion HD

Did you know that the vast majority of car accidents happen at night and right before dawn? A lot of that has to do with glare and the problems with vision many people experience. Maybe that’s the reason these driving glasses are selling by the truckload. NightGuide HD promises to reduce night driving glare and eye strain, and it will dramatically improve seeing at night during snow or rainy conditions.

It lets you see enhanced color, is durable, lightweight and is fully equipped with polarized lenses. Unlike clip-ons it protects your eyes from all sides, and you can just slide it over your existing prescription lenses if you already wear glasses. Whether driving, reading or golfing, these versatile glasses make seeing a whole new experience.

9. XY Find It

Let’s face it, as our people get older, they seem to misplace things more often. But when you attach this coin-size tracking device to an item and lose the item, you have a 20,000-times chance of getting it back. The accompanying app enlists the network of 20,000 XY Find It users to locate your lost bag, bike or dog. You can also track your lost wallet (or whatever) yourself. The XY Find It app displays how far you are from your keys or purse you dropped, and it will sound the alarm to help you pinpoint its exact location.

If you realize you left your bag in another location, all other XY Find It users in the network are notified, and when one passes your missing article, you’ll get an update sent to your phone. What if you can’t find your phone? Use XY Find It to ring it, even if it’s on silent mode, and you’ll find your phone fast. XY Find It helps you keep your stuff…especially if you’re a chronic (keys/wallet/bike/car/bag) misplacer.

10. Dodow – The Secret to a Good Night Sleep

This device was just released in 2018 and is called Dodow. It’s completely disrupting the billion dollar sleeping pill industry worldwide. Instead of taking harmful and toxic pills to try and fall asleep (that often have you feeling groggy the next morning), millions of people are now turning to Dodow.

Not only can it help you fall asleep in 20 minutes or less, but it also improves the actual quality of your sleep so that you wake up completely refreshed and ready to start the day!

11. FIXD – The Gift of A Working Car

Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say you need a new transmission? Or has the mysterious “check engine” light come on, and next thing you know the mechanic has a list of expensive engine parts that need replacing? Unfortunately, mechanics know taking advantage of people is easy, given their lack of knowledge about car maintenance needs.

But there’s a new device you can attach to your car that tells you exactly what’s wrong with it. If you own a car built after 1996 then you can use this brilliant new device called Fixd to instantly diagnose any car problems. This means the next time your “Check Engine Light” happens to come on, you’ll know exactly what the issue is and the mechanics won’t be able to lie to you! This product has done over $50,000,000 worldwide in the past year, so it definitely qualifies for our gift list.

12. Peeps – The Gift of Cleaner Glasses

This is a hot product that is picking up steam fast and is quickly going viral among people who own glasses. The Peeps eyeglass cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses. Peeps uses a unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to safely and easily clean your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils. The Peeps glasses cleaner is the safest and most tested lens cleaning technology in the world. In fact, the technology is literally out of this world – being the only cleaners on the Space Station used for lens cleaning by NASA.

It’s easy to use, compact and never expires! Their technology will clean your lenses 500 times! The perfect size eye wear cleaner to take with you – it measures approximately 4x1x1 inches and is available in 7 different colors. They are now shipping worldwide.