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PDF files have become the gold standard for viewing documents. Why? Its main benefit is that they retain their form even when they are on different computers and using different programs. I'm sure some of you once have experienced disappointment to open a Word document and note that the format was totally modified as presented on another computer. It is quite annoying when that happens, right?

Well, as well as PDF files have become the standard in documents today, also it emerged lot of software to view and edit these documents. Most of these applications are simply to see, while others have more profits. What kind of profit? Other programs allow you to edit PDF, cut, paste, annotate, and when it comes to PDF files.


So I took the liberty to compile some options PDF software for whatever purpose you may have. Take a look and see if you can use any of these great programs for your ideas. I'm sure you'll find something useful.

1. ADOBE READER (to view PDF files)

Do you only need to view PDF files? This software has everything you need. Adobe Reader is free and easy to use, and even has some features of annotation, such as highlight text and sticky notes. This makes the visual experience much better. It may be a bit basic, but if your needs are also basic, then this is a worthy consideration.

2. PDF SPLIT & MERGE (For Viewing, splitting and merging PDF files)

Did you ever think you could combine all PDF files into one? So this is what you're looking. They can merge, split, and even view PDF files at your convenience, and all for free. Very useful if a ton of PDF files that revolve around a similar theme is used. The good thing about this resource is that you should not upload your private files to an unknown server. Everything is done directly from your desktop, which is a great advantage.


PDF files are inherently difficult to change. After all, they are not really text documents. They are actually images of text documents. So unlike, for example, a Word document, you can simply not go in and change the text easily. But that is where comes into play Foxit. Foxit comes with a set of editing tools fully flush. You can change the size of paragraphs, change the font and size of text, insert video and images, and more. It has everything you need for editing PDF files, but at a cost of $ 89. Luckily, there is a 30 day trial to make sure you have what you need, so do not feel too pressured in buying, since you have such free trial.

4. PDFESCAPE EDITOR FREE (for editing PDF files)

If the Foxit PDF editor is a bit out of your price range, then PDFescape is your best bet. While not come so equipped as Foxit PDF Editor is a free resource and has the ability to add and remove text blocks as you see fit. In addition, you can do other interesting things like adding images and links. Definitely a free and effective for editing PDF files alternative. So if you're not willing to invest the cash for a PDF editor high-end as Foxit, this is going to work very well.

5. UNIPDF CONVERTER (convert PDF to Word)

Need to convert your PDF files into Word documents? This PDF to Word converter does for free. Once downloaded, just use the software to convert directly from your desktop without Internet. In addition, there is no size limitations.

6. DOPDF CONVERTER (to convert a file PDF)

If you need to convert text documents into PDF files, then this will work without any problem. DoPDF is a simple device that lets you convert both regular printed documents and computer files to PDF files. And unlike many other PDF converters, it can bring the original text font and set the page size. Easy and uncomplicated, this is a solid resource for PDF creation purposes.

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Samsung unveiled a few days ago its new range A. We had the Samsung Galaxy A5 test and we deliver our opinion on this very interesting smartphone.

Advantages Samsung Galaxy A5

- Camera to the top
- No bloatware galore

Disadvantages Samsung Galaxy A5

- The edges of the screen too sensitive


A Galaxy range was presented a few weeks ago, Samsung renews its midrange who liked last year. This year, the South Korean manufacturer has taken into account the criticisms and reinstates a slot for the microSD while keeping the design of its Galaxy S6.

In terms of features, there is a screen of 5.2-inch Full HD Super AMOLED, a Snapdragon processor 815, 16GB of internal storage (with a microSD port), 2GB of RAM, a 13 MP image sensor with rear and 5 at the front and has a biometric sensor. Finally, it runs Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with Touchwiz overlay. For dimensions, it is 144.8 x 71 x 7.3 mm for a weight of 155 g and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 front and rear.


So yes Samsung still uses Touchwiz, still Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, but frankly it runs very well and I did not have to complain about the overlay. The pleasant surprise it was to discover that the level of software bloat (the default-installed software which was not necessarily want), we went from 59 on a Galaxy S6 40 on the A5. If the basic application is withdrawn, it drops to just Microsoft applications (Skype and the Office suite). Samsung thank you!

By browsing the web (and apps like 9Gag), it turned out that the smartphone is borderless so that sometimes my thenar came to scroll. This is surprising at first and it forces to change the grip of the smartphone even if it means less hold.


The Samsung Galaxy A5 uses a Snapdragon processor 615 with 2GB of RAM. Sure, it's "old" (2014), but that's enough to do it all on the web and social networks, and rotate video games of course.

So I could make "The Room Three" without any slowdown and other small less intensive games. That said, it's true that Samsung could have a newer processor (or more RAM) without it necessarily increases the cost of the smartphone.


This is one of the first functions when using a smartphone: the camera. For me, a smartphone unable to make beautiful pictures is eliminated. The Samsung Galaxy A5 is in vain that "only" 13 and MP being a "mid-range", he is doing extraordinarily well.

Battery Life

To finish, let's battery life. The Samsung Galaxy A5 is doing very well there too. It takes a long time and you can even activate the power saving mode that will grab a few more hours. My days filled (Spotify, consultation of RS, video games) do not kill me before the phone late at night.

One good thing that Samsung using less energy screen, a less powerful processor happens to exceed the day battery life.


The Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 has it all: the "design" (or so) of S6, top performance, a great camera. However, I find it a little late to the market with the announcement of the next Galaxy S7. Sure, the two mobile do not play in the same category, but the discount S6 that the A5 as good as it is, does not compete fully with classic S6. However, it will delight people who do not want any of the S6 package (heart rate monitor and infrared transmitter for example).
Ultra portable PC are the spearheads of manufacturers. They complement or replace a home PC, they intended to follow you everywhere, all the time. Here are the 10 best in the time.

For three good years, ultraportables and ultrabooks bloom in the ranges of the main manufacturers of the PC world. Their prices have dropped well and it is possible to obtain one without getting angry with his banker. Since the release of Windows 8, the convertible, hybrid and other convertible bud and scramble formats and standards of ultra nomadisme of our computers. A metamorphosis accentuated by deploying Windows 10. Of course, here we speak of machines with screens no more than 13.3 inches diagonally, weighing less than 2 kg and finesse lets slip into a bag or a backpack.

Between HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer and Asus, all shots are allowed! Some are inspired by others, trying to innovate with more or less success, while offering solutions halfway between the PC and the tablet. But manufacturers do not forget to bet on as many notebooks "classic" with or without touch screen to leave the choice to the end user.

Moreover, no question of reserving the precious screen 13.3-inch high-end machines. During the past two years, many brands have tried to offer affordable references, the template is contained and endurance over 4 hours 30 minutes. We could mention the Asus Zenbook UX305FA or the Acer Aspire V13.

But make no mistake, between an ultraportable sold 700 dollars and another sold more than double the range of possible uses is not exponential. On the contrary ! Also keep an eye on the data sheets of the devices. It includes, for example, many Intel processors (AMD brilliant by its absence), but all are not equal. Furthermore, the finishes, the presence of SSD or the quality of the screen are all elements that will make the difference - sometimes..

Question uses finally, in general, should not be too many demands. All the machines we tested since the beginning of the year are primarily made for office use, web browsing and watching videos. For more advanced uses such as photo editing on Photoshop and the creation in After Effect, it will at least include machines with Core i5 or Core i7 with more than 4 GB of memory.

Excluded from our Top 10 last, the Alienware 13 Dell, XMG A305 being tested and 3X + Aorus. These are ultra-powerful, primarily dedicated to gamers, but not as durable and lighter than their cohorts considered here. Also note the remarkable debut of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which is positioned in the top rankings.

Apple: Air Fizzle, MacBook 12 not Revolutionize Anything

Admittedly, Apple retains a prominent place on the ultra mobility. Worse, for over four years is the brand "to shoot" for PC manufacturers who would both get to offer machines as well finite, so the optimized system and the endurance record. Yet Apple so innovative ordinarily difficult to renew.

For instead of equipping its precious MacBook Air (MBA) with Retina display and to further improve the autonomy, the Cupertino company has chosen yet another MacBook out in March 2015. 12-inch ultra-thin and ultra minimalist (yes, really), he opted for the low technical platform Intel Core M consumption last year (Broadwell) which is known to really not make miracles in terms of performance. But where Apple might sink the nail too, is the price! $1,499 + for a typewriter luxury, it's indecent! And MBA? They always have Intel Core processors Broadwell-U (pending update on Skylake this spring) but no new screen! And the image of these definitions begin to furiously date. Finally, comparing the last two generations of MBA, the conclusion is bitter: stamina is down ... but still among the highest in the market.
For the classification below, everything is scrutinized: the equipment, the performance but, above all, ease of use and portability of the machine. This concept encompasses both the video playback, the device volume and weight. In addition, for 6 months, we have included a second test of autonomy in our procedures. We regularly evoke in test items. This is a known measure "versatile" that simulates all the above mentioned activities: office, video, surfing, etc.

For now, only a few machines tested were submitted there, but by the spring, we will add as noted criterion.

10. Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch (Core i5 128GB SSD)

Proof that Apple is quite able to place Retina screens on portable size PC contained! The MacBook Pro 13 Retina, tested here in its version Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory and 128GB of SSD, offers one of the most homogeneous configurations within the range of the manufacturer to the bitten apple. And if power is to go to more than just office or surfing the Internet, endurance -it is also- of the game: more than 7 hours of video playback on our reference test, 30 to 40 minutes better than some PCs that prance in mind. So why is not he ranked higher? His weight playing tricks on him, not to mention its quite massive power consumption when not much. A final pitfall, ventilation present in the beautiful aluminum case makes a lot of noise.

Overall Rating: 7.38 / 10 | Price: $1,499 approx.

9. HP Envy 13 (13-d001nf)

Handsome, the HP Envy 13 is more than one. Starting with its beautiful finish anodized aluminum that would give him almost the Mac tunes. Then it has a good screen and 13.3-inch Full HD matte, perfect to fight effectively against the reflections in the train or on a well-lit open space. It continues with his excellent keyboard which, in addition, has the good taste to be fully backlit, which is not so common for a machine to 800 euros. Very good penultimate point is the very content price. The last positive note is that HP does not mégote on embedded components. These rotate all apps. But where the shoe he hurt? On autonomy, unfortunately. Less than 5 hours of video playback and versatile endurance is little for an ultraportable ... so affordable it is.

Overall Rating: 7.44 / 10 | Price: $800 approx.

8. Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (Core i5 128GB)

The Macbook Air small size continues to fall in our ranking and loses three places! He went from first to eighth in a few months and that, because of the introduction of new PC models, but also because we have revised our calculations and requirements on the rise.

The 11-inch Air tested here is the cheapest declination sold by Apple. Its small aluminum housing is still recipe, like its excellent keyboard. However, this small air starts to be a little ... too familiar and worn. This is neither the most enduring (7 hours of video playback and 6 hours 20 versatile) or the technically more advanced (Core i5, 4GB of memory, 128GB SSD) of these competitors. Not to mention the slab whose image definition is almost obsolete (1366 by 768 pixels)! But it is a light weight (1.07 kg) that fits in any bag or purse and remains ultra quiet no matter apps Apple being asked to turn.

Overall Rating: 7.47 / 10 | Price: $1000 approx. | See details and test results of the Apple MacBook Air 11-inch

7. Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (Core i5, 256GB)

For many, this is the king of the ultra mobility (to shoot)! Yet the 13-inch MacBook Air has to settle for the 7th running of our ranking. Proof that he is invincible and that PCs manage to make him shade. It remains, however, the most enduring computer from Apple family. And the irony is that the MacBook Air 13-inch is almost twice as powerful as the last 12 inches according to our tests.

However, this star is clearly out of fashion, technically. Defining image of his relatively narrow screen (1440 by 900 pixels) annoys like the 4 GB of RAM available on our test model yet sold 1350 dollars.

Overall Rating: 7.48 / 10 | Price: $1350 approx. | Read the full review of the Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

6. HP Spectre 13 x360

Value for money endurance of HP Spectre 13 x360 is simply one of the best time in the world ultraportable PC. It is found in different configurations on the Web and, experience, the Core i5 versions, Full HD screen and sold around 1000 dollars are those preferred. Our reference is the Spectre x360 this summer, which reference is now 13-4107nf since officially migrated from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. The brushed aluminum case is of high quality and, again this summer, endurance exceeded 8 hours video playback 45 (6 pm and 20 versatile). Maybe the OS change will vary these times of a few minutes, but little else.

And if the Spectre x360 only in sixth place, it is because of the arrival of new models in the arena. For fans of PC contortionist Specter gets Yoga Lenono principle, that is to say that the screen can rotate 360 ​​° around the backlit keyboard to transform the machine into a touch tablet Windows 10 or position the appliance carrier mode on a bar or tent mode to enjoy photo or video content to many.

Overall rating: 7.56 / 10 | Price: $1000 approx. | Read the full review of the HP Spectre 13 x360

5. Acer Aspire S7 (S7-393-75508G25ews)

The Aspire S7 vintage 2015 pranced top of our rankings until Christmas. Moreover, the 2015 version is currently sold at broken prices on some commercial sites, because over in Intel Core sixth generation is running. And the new version should arrive in our hands soon!

This configuration goes from first to 5th place as the competition is fierce and we continually review our rating criteria.

Its advantages are numerous: beginning with the fact that it is a pure laptop and not a 13.3-inch screen hybrid. Then, despite the strength of its case, he does not forget to be relatively light 1.31 kg. Finally, its endurance video playback reaches almost 6:30 that, even in 2016, remains.

Overall Rating: 7.61 / 10 | Price: $1500 approx. | Read the full review of the Acer Aspire S7 (S7-393-75508G25ews)

4. Apple MacBook 12-inch (Core M 1.1 GHz, 256 GB)

The latest in the family of Apple ordis, the Retina MacBook 12-inch screen is at the door of our podium. Yes, harvest the best mark in portability, with a deserved 10/10. Yes, it is a lightweight (920 grams) whose housing is among the finest on the market (1.31 cm) and remains enduring for more than 8 hours of video playback. In mixed use, it flirts with 7:00 MacOS X Yosemite. But, as we suspected, the Intel Core M platform is no miracle, and is not tailored to anything other than the email consultation, surfing, etc. A bit like the Asus UX305 sold, yes, half the price.

Overall Rating: 7.65 / 10 | Price: $1,450 approx.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Core i5, 8GB, 256GB SSD)

Arrive in style for the tablet Surface Pro 4 Microsoft! It is positioned on the third place, and it is clear that its small size of 12.3 inches and the good quality of its screen are not strangers. Better is the technical platform top of the most current range of our comparison with a latest-generation Intel processor Skylake, efficient and consumes little for the services. The tablet under Windows 10 also has a new pen 2.0, Windows Pen, which offers a handwriting comfort far above that of the previous case. Always the best, with the quality backlit keyboard coming to magnetize the tablet to turn it into a laptop and protect the screen.

However, the Redmond giant continues to offer its input device ... optional !! We must add 150 dollars at 1450 requested for the Surface Pro 4 to finally get an ultraportable worthy of the name. And since we are to mention the points that annoy, stamina is not up! Despite the low CPU consumption, the Surface Pro 4 does not exceed 5 hours video playback 30. She manages to climb up to 7 h 30, provided to lower the backlight intensity and limited to the basic desktop. Pity.

Overall Rating: 7.81 / 10 | Price: $1,450 approx. (+ $ 150 for the keyboard) | Read our review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

2. Lenovo Yoga 900 (900-13ISK)

Lenovo made a big splash in our Top 10 with his new Yoga 900. His goal? Replace Yoga 3 Pro and its configuration unstable, inefficient and yet sold the same price is 1800 dollars. And, frankly, this newcomer manages to forget the old version without any harm!

The version we had in the test will only be available in early March. Inside, it's a roaring Core i7 is to maneuver and which replaces the Core M. timid And it's not because the configuration is more powerful than stamina is down. On the contrary. It takes 8 hours of video playback and 6 hours round use while the Yoga 3 Pro could barely 5 hours in both cases. The only real problem of Yoga 900 is the quality of its 13.3-inch screen. Not at all in harmony with the price and the rest of the machine. It is not reset by the lab, but one thing is certain, he disappointed.

Overall Rating: 7.9 / 10 | Price: $1800 approx. | Read the full review of the Lenovo Yoga 900 (900-113ISK)

1. Dell XPS 13 (CNX9302)

Dell is back! The Texan manufacturer benefits from the release of Intel processors Skylake to update its beautiful ultraportable XPS 13 and comes in eight or nine versions on its website. One that comes first in our ranking is the machine equipped with a 13.3-inch matte slab Full HD. It features a Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory and 256GB of SSD to run Windows 10 and all apps daily without the slightest concern.

Another argument to convince: the price of $1300. Or $50 less than the MacBook Air 13-inch for better equipment, and an endurance record of 10 hours 20. It's two hours more than the Apple, and without forcing. The only flaw of this Dell, is to have a screen that lacks brightness. But for the rest it deserves its top spot on the podium.

Overall Rating: 7.97 / 10 | Price: $1300 approx. | Read the full review of the Dell XPS 13 (CNX9302)

You finally managed to install Windows 10. You will (re) discover your operating system and it has undeniably improved ... except for software offered by default. While some of them have not changed since Windows 7, we offer free and effective alternatives.

It's nice Windows 10, it's true. Cortana who makes jokes to the Start menu (back now that everyone has learned to do without) through the center of notifications or virtual desktops, the new system by Microsoft sells dreams. And it works, really.

Only, looking closer, there are still surprises; or rather non-surprises. How can such a modern system may still offer only Windows Media Player as a media player, a graphics editor like Paint or a remote desktop connection so inefficient?

With this in mind, we decided to make a selection of alternative software to basics with Windows 10 inherited his "ancestors". What improve your experience in a truly modern system but deserved, perhaps, to see his sharp tools.

VLC vs Media Player

Video, audio, images, Windows Media Player is supposed to do everything well, in practice, this is the music that he is doing the least harm. One would have hoped that Microsoft's new system comes with the replacement of this media player that has had its day but unfortunately the publisher has chosen to overlook.

Either. Since it's been a long time we must face the despair generated by the Windows Media Player version 12 (! Which still dates from 2013), the remedy is the same: the excellent VLC. Simple for noob but plenty of possibilities for expert, efficient, open and free, the software is a hit and it's not for nothing. Finally, for those who so wish, VLC is also available as app Windows.

Paint vs Paint.NET

Another ancestral component of Windows, Paint - he still really fit on this system? Neither talent for drawing or for photo editing, it is relegated to the status of children's game or image format converter (since it, he does it well).

At his side, Paint.NET has the appearance of a professional tool and, although this qualification does not suit him, he does more than Paint and better. If his specialty is not the creation (not vector or brush dedicated to painting), this software is gifted hand for retouching. With specific tools, Paint.NET does more than help; it manages layers, blend modes, offers a number of effects, a history of changes, etc. In short, another must-free to try again.

Viewer vs XnViewMP

Continue in the field of image and photo with the Windows viewer. Appeared with Windows Vista, this one is not without interest; it at least has the merit of allowing visualization of a lot of image formats and print them ... or open them in other applications. What does not the viewer, the app Universal Pictures does, it's true, but let's face the management of collections with it is an ordeal.
We decided to split the two with XnView MP. The tool is amazing simplicity, and offers many features including access and manipulation are within reach of everyone. Lightweight and customizable, XnView MP is a MUST. It is understood that other programs could be cited here: RawTherapee for enthusiasts or Picasa for sharers. But if you want a program that focuses on the essentials, XnView MP is for you.

Screenshot Tool with PrtScr

Frankly, the Windows screen capture tool is not so bad. This has even been "upgraded" to Windows 10 with the addition of a capture timer unfortunately only adjustable from 1 to 5 seconds in increments of one second (therefore no interest). His only interest is power versus PrtScr capture a window, an undeniable lack of a complimentary software.

Besides that, it is so convenient; called by simply PrtScr, it offers the ability to capture the entire screen, free forms or rectangles, with or without timer (5 or 30 seconds) and then with one click, save ( "sub" on the desktop or in the clipboard), edit, share, or print. Once tried, you never want to go PrtScr.

Notepad vs Notepad ++

A little touchy because less used the "general public", Notepad is the timeless basic tool that troubleshoots; sometimes to note a phone number in a hurry, sometimes some IP addresses, sometimes to type 2 or 3 lines of code.
 If you need more, switching to Notepad ++ will be salutary tab management, a number of scripting languages or programming, autocomplete, syntax highlighting, search and complex replacements. The list is long, the software is top, no need to hesitate.

Windows Defender vs Avast! Free Antivirus 2016

Grievances against Windows Defender? No, this is a very good basic security software is configurable little, but enough to not take that risk, or not too.

Simply, it is clear that Avast! Free Antivirus 2016 has become the standard meter of free security software; I must say that the publisher put the package in this version 2016. The software has indeed risen to the level of some paid suites (the pub more). security side antivirus real-time protection, rootkit and spyware, Cloud and analysis of the home network. commercial side: update detection tool, cleaning and browser protection, browser decluttering, spare, taking Remote Control, etc. Note finally an analysis SmartScan feature all-in-one, convenient for less experienced users.

Decompression Tool with 7zip

On Windows, unzip the .zip is easy; for RAR, which is the way the most used on net format, or the .7z ... it gets complicated. And not even talking of compression; .ZIP Only.

Yes, it is necessary, even essential, to have another archiving software on his computer than the one Windows. And while WinRAR is always the most downloaded, if it is not already, it's free and 7-Zip to be adopted.

Remote Desktop vs AnyDesk

What about the Windows Remote Desktop? This system is reliable, relatively secure and offers few options needed for good connection and proper form. Ah, yes, I forgot, if you are not bundle is an ordeal.

And this is the main interest of AnyDesk; Easy to install and connect, it is especially more fluid than any other remote connection system. Of course you will receive sound, synchronize the clipboard, making screenshots, etc. ; nothing is missing. To install emergency.

Windows vs Dexpot Virtual Desktop

Certainly it is not a component dated as just happened with Windows 10, but it is, however, a disappointment. Windows virtual offices were expected to turn by users from Linux (or used other solutions). Result: almost no configuration or a single management even simplistic, a wallpaper for all offices, no keyboard shortcuts ...

Dexpot turns out to be just the opposite. If it remains easy to use, and it is configurable to the end. It allows up to 20 different offices, to increase the access (taskbar shortcuts, hotkeys) to play on appearances ... it makes everything, even displaying a beautiful 3D cube at office change. A wonder to try it.

Windows Media Center vs. Kodi

Surprising as it may seem, while XBMC already existed, some users however bent upon using the Windows Media Center. Easier to configure, the fact remains that the opportunities offered by Microsoft signed software were also much lower.
To replace it, nothing better than the very good Kodi. While XBMC has changed its name, it has also matured: simpler, more stable, more and more configurable, the software makes prowess in all areas, notably through excellent management of libraries: music, movies, series and photo, everything goes.

You have dozens of programs installed on your PC which must be up-to-date?

Do you want to keep your system up to date without opening your web browser? ... And free?

And you are in the right place!

FileHippo App Manager is a free, lightweight and easy to use; it will allow you to update all applications that have older versions.

Indeed, Windows application has a database that compares their versions with those installed on your machine.

You will discover in this tutorial how to download updates to install and update a few clicks.

Keep your system up to date with F.A.M!

FileHippo App Manager, or how to make his life easier.

You can download FileHippo App Manager via the official website through this link:

Once downloaded,

Run the install and choose as "English" language.

Then click "Next" and then on "I agree" to the terms of the license", if you do not want FileHippo App Manager start at boot, and you want to use it only when you want, uncheck "Run at Startup".

Once the installation is done, FileHippo App Manager will ask you if you want it to do the scan every day or do it manually.

Personally I prefer to do it manually to avoid blocking of internet traffic for my use.

Once launched, a notification will be displayed next to the clock, click on "Open" or on the program icon in the taskbar to launch.

Click on "Update" next to the software you want to update.

The program will then download and launch the installer automatically!

Simply install new programs and voila!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave comments =)
Did you forget your Windows password?

Do you want to reset the Windows password for free and within minutes?

Today you will discover the Lazesoft tool to remove the Windows password, it works with Windows versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 10!

Before following this tutorial, make sure:
  • The language of your keyboard while entering your password,
  • or SHIFT if it is on.
Let's go!

How to remove Windows password

To remove the Windows password, you must create a bootable USB key or CD containing the Lazesoft tool, it is valid for free for personal use, if you consider using this program to earn money so you must buy the full version.

You can download the latest version of Lazesoft through this link.

How to create a bootable Lazesoft.

Once you have downloaded Lazesoft, install it on another computer to move to create the bootable USB key.

Open your Lazesoft program via the desktop shortcut.

Then click "Burn CD / USB Disk".

Here you can choose the version of Windows, but you can leave the choice to "DO NOT ..." it works !

Click "Next >".

Make sure the letter of the USB key you want to use

Select "USB Flash" and choose the letter of your key.

Then click "Start", a driver download will start if you start this procedure for the first time.

Before formatting your USB stick, make sure that you copy the data to your hard drive key to not lose them!

Once this is done, click the "Yes" button to begin formatting and installing Lazesoft.

This will not take more than four minutes ...

At the end of the process, you will have your USB key "magic" =)

You will see now how to run the program on the machine you want to repair or remove the Windows password.

How to reset Windows password.

To boot from the USB drive, you must access the start menu ...

On my HP laptop, I pressed ESC repeatedly to access the Startup menu (Start Menu)

On other PCs it can be F12, F10, or Enter F1!

Then select Boot Device Options or Boot list, it really depends on the brand of your PC ... but generally looking for some things with the word boot top.

If after entering the boot menu and you have not found your USB drive in the list, check the BIOS that you have the LEGACY mode enabled, not only the UEFI mode which is more recent.

After enabling LEGACY way I got my USB displayed in the Boot menu using the andarrows select your USB drive and type Enter.

Then type Enter a second time to access Lazesoft Live CD.

Click on "Password Recevery".

You're going to the drop down menu "Reset Windows Password" by default.

Click "Next".

In the menu above, you will have your version of Windows displayed in the bottom menu choose "Reset Local Password".

Note: If you want to recover the password of your e-mail address Microsoft, this method only works for the local account password Windows 10 and 8.1!

Then click "Next".

Select the administrator you want to remove any password and click "Next".

Click the button "RESET / UNLOCK".

The password has been reset successfully !!!

Restart your machine after removing the USB key.

Here is the result

If you enjoyed this tutorial share it with your friends;)

You have a question ? Put a little comment below!
Chrome for Android has been providing related data saving options while, but ... What about PC users? Google has just launched a Chrome extension that lets you load the web pages much faster on the PC.

This official extension, called economizer data, improves the speed of Chrome. The extension will optimize the web pages you visit from the browser on your computer, and that not only results in a lower data consumption, but also significantly higher speed navigation.

The extension, available at Chrome extensions store, use the Google servers to compress own pages visited by the user before they have finished loading.

Of course, in order to ensure the privacy of users or encrypted pages (HTTPS) or sessions incognito mode fall into this optimization.
Chrome data saver works in the background, without the user having to make any prior configuration. Once installed, the extension into operation alone.

What it is shown in the browser when installing this extension is a graph that shows the amount of data that this extension saves when loading web pages. The chart includes the amount of data consumed and the amount of data saved with the extension and also has a section that shows the pages that require more data loading.

This last feature can be especially interesting for users accustomed to sharing mobile Internet, as this form can navigate from the computer using the same data saving system that offers the mobile version of Chrome.

You look for the best free antivirus to protect your computer - in real time - the latest virus?

Do you have a slight Antivirus, free and making up-to-date database regularly?

Everyone needs a Antivirus, the problem is that there are several!

And the choice of a Antivirus has become more difficult because it really depends on your type of activity.

Do you like games? Do you have an old PC?

The kind of your activity, the power of your PC. All this plays a very important role in the choice of your Antivirus!

If you are about to read this article on Antivirus is you want to know which one is best for your PC, either to protect your PC computer attacks or infected USB sticks.

In this article you will discover the best free antivirus offering real-time protection, a firewall (for fire) and all necessary protection for the good of your privacy.

Best Free Antivirus for PC

What I expect of a Antivirus

Regular up-to-date

A regular update antivirus without up-to-date is of no value, simply because-that every day new viruses circulating on the web and without consistente up-to-date from the antivirus your PC will not not protect against the newer viruses!

Just as the field of health, always develop new drugs in order to combat new diseases.
So a good antivirus is one that is updated daily, without asking!

Performance & Speed

A good antivirus performance must not increase the performance of your computer and should offer efficient and rapid protection against attacks on the web.

If you have a computer with limited capabilities, you'll need a light and fast antivirus, this may provide a minimal but adequate performance security to use the other tools on your computer without Plenter.

Total Protection

Some offer antivirus protection and on-line local, eg protect your browser, your email or all of your Internet connection, do not.

A good antivirus is the one that scan the ports of internet connection, regular file scan with a constant optimization of various resources used by the antivirus.

6 Best Free Antivirus

1. Avast antivirus

Avast is the best known and most free antivirus download from the Internet, this is because it provides a regular and automatic up-to-date, with a web filter to scan the free content and also malicious email and P2P.

This antivirus antièrement supports the French language and offers a free license per account with the possibility of an upgrade to more powerful versions for a more complete protection.

In addition to its performance and speed of use, avast offers lightweight user interface and "clean".

Download Links: Avast Antivirus

2. Avira antivirus

Avira is a good free antivirus for Windows, compatible with all versions of Windows but also Linux!

Avira offers a scan newly downloaded files with repairs rootkit virus with a custom scan without forgetting the automatic up-to-date.

On top of that Avira is a real anti-spyware, lightweight and offers protection against the latest threats!

Download Links:  Avira Free Antivirus

3. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG is one of the best free antivirus on the market, offering a basic up-to-date data on a regular and allows the user to scan their PC entirely in one click!

The weak point of AVG Antivirus is that it uses more RAM resources by comparing it to other antivirus.

4. BitDefender

Bitdefender antivirus performance is very satisfactory, given that this antivirus is nominated as the best antivirus software saw its speed and ability to fight the largest number of internet threats.

If you are looking for an antivirus effective, efficient and fast I recommend using Bit defender.

Download Links: BitDefender Free

5. Panda Antivirus Free

Panda Free Antivirus is light, safe, simple and free. As noted on its website.

This antivirus provides comprehensive protection against spyware (spyware) and an up-to-date to the second, now obtain a free version requires registration on the publisher's website.

Download Links: Panda Antivirus 2015

6. Comodo Internet Security

Comodo or just "global security leader" has developed its own antivirus, Comodo Internet Security.

Comodo Internet Security provides comprehensive protection whether on the internet or on your PC!

It's easy interface gives you the ability to access in tranquility with different parameters and also offers performance and effectiveness that one seeks in a good antivirus.

Download Links: Comodo Internet Security (click on "Free Download")

BONUS: Best Anti-Malware

The Anti-malware lets you scan your entire system to search for infected files, fix or remove them to clean your machine completely, the best of these anti-malware MalwareBytes is.

MalwareBytes: Already explained in this tutorial, you can analyze your entire computer threats that antivirus cannot detect them.

This anti-malware also provides up-to-date with each use, the detection rate is very large, it is really worth!

There you go !

Our article on the best free antivirus to a close.

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